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Is it in your blood?

How many people have you met who claim that the job they do ‘gets under their skin’ or is ‘in their blood’?

The job they do has become so absorbing that no matter what

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Crossword 409
1. Snail in French cookery (8) 5. Vegetables used for flavouring, such as parsley (8) 9. Piece of plant attached or inserted into another (5) 10. An animal’s natural outer covering; hide (4) 11. South America’s largest river (6) 12. Recently (8) 14.
Farmer's Weekly1 мин. чтенияBiology
How The Body Fights Fatigue
The mitochondria are minute organelles (mini-organs) found in the cells of the body. They are often called the ‘powerhouses’ of the cells. Treating fatigue involves ‘re-energising’ the mitochondria. Muscles in particular are dependent on mitochondria
Farmer's Weekly2 мин. чтения
The Hitching Post
I am going on 48, and I don’t drink or smoke. I would like to meet a white Christian gentleman between the ages of 50 and 70 who treats women with love and respect. He should love children, as I have three teenagers, and he must have a job and be fin