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THE NAMING CONVENTIONS FOR SAILFISH, SWORDFISH, red snapper and yellowtail are undeniably accurate, although the widely recognized king mackerel is not emperor of the tribe Scomberomorini. This noble designation is most certainly bestowed to wahoo. In terms of tenacity and shear velocity, these fish swim alone. With unmistakable iridescent stripes and scissor-like jaws lined with serrated teeth sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, the fastest and largest mackerel found in the Atlantic Ocean is an imperial predator unlike any other.

Shaped like a torpedo, a wahoo’s elongated body is covered with small, barely visible scales that help the fish swim with minimal resistance underwater. For an extra boost when they need it most, wahoo can tuck their pectoral and dorsal fins into perfectly streamlined indentations. They also have the supernatural ability to exude a special slime coat to reduce friction when charging forage at highway speed. Camouflaged in a tiger striped pattern highlighted by vibrant hues of silver, purple, blue and bronze, from above or below wahoo are silent hunters that magically melt into their surroundings leaving unsuspecting prey no chance of escaping their deadly attacks. When wahoo strike, the end is never far. They know when an easy kill presents itself and when it makes sense to hunt, capitalizing on

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