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IN 2005, HUMMINBIRD INTRODUCED THE FIRST CONSUMER LEVEL SIDE SCAN SONAR featuring the innovative manufacturer’s patented Side Imaging technology. This new fish finder was first adopted by freshwater anglers targeting bass, walleye and panfish. However, saltwater fishermen soon recognized the value of the unique underwater views afforded and quickly implemented it in their arsenal to search out hidden tarpon, snook and redfish. Today, as sonar advancements and transducer capabilities have significantly improved, anglers in all venues are realizing the benefits of crystal clear, sunlight viewable split-screen LCD displays with side imaging technology.

nlike conventional sonar, which returns detailed images of what is under or has passed under your boat, side imaging sonar returns incredibly high-resolution images of what is or has passed on each side of your boat. With so much data revealed, side imaging provides a significant advantage over conventional 2D sonar in that it covers considerably more water. This distinction is

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My Advice? Master the Bait
▸ WHILE REVIEWING A NUMBER OF UNANSWERED YouTube comments (c’mon, no one gets to them all), one in particular stood out. “Capt. Mike, I’m heading south thanks to a well-earned promotion and looking for sound advice. While I’ve fished the Panhandle my
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Theft Prevention
▸ AMONG THE MASSIVE VARIETY OF INSHORE GAME FISH roaming Florida’s shallows, sheepshead are perhaps the most peculiar. Scrappy fighters that offer excellent table fare, these fish rarely receive the appreciation they deserve from widespread anglers.
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Getting To The Grounds
Certainly, most anglers don’t have the means to access these remote fisheries on their own. However, there are several services that have made names for themselves by dialing in these distant waters. Out of Stock Island in Key West, Captain Greg Merc