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The museum houses the largest and most comprehensive collection of jazz-related objects in the world, consisting of instruments, pictorial sheet music, photographs, records, tapes and manuscripts. Specific items of interest include a 1917 disc of the first jazz recording ever made and Louis Armstrong’s first cornet. The museum also has around 10,000 recordings of jazz in virtually every format and a variety of conditions. Of particular interest is the museum’s performing arts centre, which organises more than 365 events a year. This includes live musical and theatrical performances, lectures and curatorial presentations.

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16-17 Oct 1561
In mid-October 1561, Takeda Shingen and his favourite adviser devise a stratagem where they will fortify the edge of the Chikuma River to block the escape of Uesugi Kenshin’s army from the Saijoyama heights. They hope to massacre the enemy. Uesugi Ke
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Ancient Greek Philosophers
Thales of Miletus is often considered to be the first philosopher and the father of Western philosophy, who founded the pre-Socratic Ionian school. At the time, the Greeks explained the origin of the world and natural events through myths and the sup
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Uesugi Clan
The daimyo of the Echigo Province was one of the most powerful figures of the Sengoku period in Japan. He has gone down in history as a highly ethical and responsible leader who not only excelled on the battlefield, but also as an administrator. Amak