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The Would-be Brides

Eleanor of Austria

hen Henry became heir to the throne, his father began to look for a suitable bride while publicly saying Henry should marry Prince Arthur’s widow, Catherine of Aragon. Henry VII wanted an

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The Renaissance In Europe
While architects of the stamp of Donato Bramante were designing neoclassical churches and public buildings in Rome, Milan, Florence and other Italian cities, in the north, Gothic style reached its apogee in the High Gothic. The magnificent, graceful
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Welcome To History Of Alchemy
For an apparently defunct subject, alchemy has had a vast impact on the modern world. On one hand, its spiritual theories have been informing religious thought since the 3rd century, culminating in the overwhelming influence they’ve had on the recons
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Avicenna: The Persian philosopher
Avicenna’s full name in Arabic was in fact Abū Alī al-husayn ibn Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā, or for short, Ibn Sīnā. He was born around 980 CE in Afshana, near the capital of a Persian dynasty in Central Asia that is now in modern-day Uzbekistan. He was both