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on streaming and downloads? It’s a question I ask myself frequently and usually answer with an internal shrug, probably because I’m in denial. Let me explain. There can’t be any doubt that streaming is the biggest, baddest, no-brainer in the history of AV. If you love movies and music, it’s clearly what the internet was invented for, the magic portal to an infinity

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All being well, the UK's cinemas will be reopening in late May, after more than a year – on and off – during which the industry has taken a huge hit. Within that time, movie studios have rethought their distribution models and streaming platforms hav
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Yep, These Look Gore-geous
A group of people attending a private cinema screening find themselves trapped in the building with a horde of flesh-eating ghouls in Demons, a gaudy slice of 1985 Italian horror. Directed by Lamberto Bava, it's the sort of film where things happen s
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I ONCE FOUND myself at the Riviera Country club in Los Angeles. I'd made the mistake of thinking I could play golf, but this would not be the only thing that day I ended up regretting. I was musing with my other players over the passing of the great