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The Planetary Renaissance

If our country, our planet, is going to survive, we need to start looking for connections. Jess Phoenix taught me that. Now it’s my job to share her lessons with you, and yours to share with others. Each one teaches one—that’s how we grow together.

Maybe you’ve heard about Jess already. She’s the volcanologist from California’s 25th District who famously vowed to bring “Star Trek values” to Congress. By that she means taking Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a peaceful, conscientious, development-focused society and working toward our best possible future.

“Live long and prosper is a great motto!” Jess declared with a laugh when she and I sat down at The Explorers Club in New York City during her campaign tour. “Seeing a future where people of different races and species are living together, working not to fight wars but to explore the universe—that’s where we should be going. If that’s not our ideal, why are we doing anything? We should be working toward a good end. Then there’s the Vulcan motto, which is ‘Infinite diversities, infinite combinations,’ and that to me is so scientific and natural. It makes me think of everything from microbes to stars. That is what we have, this limitless universe in

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