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Sifu Bryant Fong Accepts Disciples

April 22, 2019, Earth Day, Sifu Bryant Fong accepted 13 new disciples. Sifu Fong is the founder of the oldest collegiate Wushu club in the United States,

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Unravelling the 8 Section Brocade
IT is one of the oldest and most widely practiced forms of qigong in the world today. The 8 Section Brocade, or Baduanjin (八段錦), first appears in the literature during the Song Dynasty (960–1279). It is a general form of health cultivation, not neces
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THE 4 Tenets of Tai Chi TRAINING
Tai Chi is an excellent way to develop strength and balance through proper forms training. One of the most influential Yang style practitioners, Yang Chengfu (1883–1936 杨澄甫), modernized the art based on his grandfather Yang Luchan’s (1799–1872 杨露 禅)
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50th Anniversary Celebration of Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu and the International Masters Exhibition
On a balmy Saturday in Coral Springs, Florida, the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association celebrated its 50th anniversary. Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung first established his Kung Fu Association in his native Hong Kong and methodically expanded i