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How to put the ECO DECO

n eco awakening is coming home and it’s a beautiful place to live. As we step into this new era of mindful design and decoration, the choices we make to enhance our homes also nurture the world that exists beyond our front doors. We’re more tuned

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Marie Claire Australia5 мин. чтенияPsychology
‘How I Found My WORTH’
We all have a story. Whether standing in front of a mirror fixated on the width of our hips, or sitting in an office feeling like we don’t deserve to be there, there are many moments of doubt every woman is familiar with. And research by L’Oréal Pari
Marie Claire Australia2 мин. чтения
Saving nature’s TREASURES
Years ago, before the words ethical and sustainable became woke and the world realised single-use plastics and massproduced fast-fashion were uncool, the powers that be at Tiffany & Co. decided to shake things up inside their own four walls. First, t
Marie Claire Australia3 мин. чтенияDesign
Responsible Fashion
Yep, we need to talk about responsible fashion. Not just sustainable or eco-fashion, or “saving the planet”–not even on Earth Day. There’s a problem with fashion’s current sustainability focus: it keeps taking the easy way out. Oversimplifying things