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Joakim: “The Battle of Flers-Courcelette in 1916 was the first time tanks were used in war. There were 32 British tanks – Mark I, or ‘Mother’. There should have been more, but some of them broke down. The Great War marked the end of ‘old’ warfare and the start of modern warfare, and the tank was part of that. That was the future of warfare.”

“It’s not a celebration of tanks, but about how brutal it was. The song is very mechanised, pretty shocking. It starts the album with a super-punch, which is what it must have felt like for the people who were seeing tanks for

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Serj Tankian
It was late at night and pouring with rain when Serj Tankian had what he calls his “epiphany”. Serj was in his mid-20s and had been working for his uncle’s jewellery business since graduating from university, playing music on the side. But he wasn’t
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Evanescence Haven’t Released A ‘Proper’ Album For 10 Yers …
Like so many performers with a strong, specific public image, Amy Lee is not all she seems. Ostensibly her world is one of gothic melodrama and opulent metal. Basques and ball gowns. It’s what she’s been known for since 2003, when Evanescence’s mega-
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Downtuned For Life
“He is the unsung hero of Disturbed. His solos are super-tasteful and his riffs are unconventional. I don’t think he gets as much love as he should. One day, I was messing around learning the riff to Stricken. It’s a learnable riff, it’s not like it’