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The introduction of sharing economy platforms has transformed the way we live and enjoy our lives. Whether it is finding a gem of a holiday home on Airbnb or jumping in an UberPool with a stranger, there’s a mushrooming array of goods and services available through sharing platforms that make our lives easier. 

But it’s not only

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What’s Involved
If you are paying for an existing home that costs $700,000, you’re paying stamp duty on the full amount. If you are buying a house-and-land package, however, you are paying stamp duty only on the land component, which in this example might only be $2
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What To Watch Out For
• Cheapest isn’t always best. Generally some builders have a monopoly on certain locations, but in most estates you have the flexibility to choose from a number of builders. Check what the builder has done before to ensure they will be the best for y
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My Light-bulb Moment
Money talks … and so should we. In some circles talking about money is considered gauche or taboo, but it’s a belief that could be costing us a lot of moolah. Sharing tips with friends and family on best-value products and services, cheapest home loa