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Beware the rock star trap

There is an old saying in the music business: “You can make a killing, you just can’t make a living.” This could be said of many perceived “glamour” industries, but exploring the psychological drivers behind why so many people in these industries get trapped in poor economic situations sheds a light on an irrational decision-making bias that we are all

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But Wait, Do You Even Need To Go To Uni?
It’s hard to see the MBA losing its lustre anytime soon, but a university qualification may not always be the best choice. A study by the Grattan Institute found school leavers with a low tertiary entrance rank (ATAR) could be better off completing v
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Portfolio Protection
Inflation may be about to make a comeback. By how much and for how long remains a hotly debated topic, but it’s worth understanding how your portfolio might fare if it does lift and what changes you may need to make to guard against it. At the most b
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Plug Into Your Portfolio
Managing your investment portfolio can quickly become overwhelming. Simply executing trades is one thing; it’s a whole other thing keeping track of price movements, company announcements, correlations, weightings and so on. Thankfully, you don’t have