Mornings with Jesus


A WOMAN I WORK WITH couldn’t give me her home address. I imagined the possibilities. Homeless? Evicted? Memory loss? Living out of her

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Mornings with Jesus2 мин. чтенияPsychology
Tuesday, April 6
EARLY THIS MORNING I OPENED my Bible and continued my reading in Matthew 7. I zipped by verse 12 since it’s so familiar. Like many people, the Golden Rule was one of the first verses and biblical principles I had learned as a child. Besides, I assume
Mornings with Jesus2 мин. чтения
Easter Monday, April 5
EVERY EASTER AT THE END of the church service, our congregation joins in singing Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” I love the power of all our voices raised in full-throated praise. However, it’s not easy music. I’ve always been a soprano, but each year
Mornings with Jesus2 мин. чтения
Tuesday, April 20
WE ALL WANT TO BE heard. Talk shows on every channel every single day affirm that voicing our opinions is a legitimate pastime. The problem with all that talking is that we aren’t usually listening. On these same talk shows, the cohosts routinely int