Mornings with Jesus


MY FATHER CAME TO THIS country as a refugee. After spending five of his teenage years in a displaced person’s camp following World War II, his family

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Mornings with Jesus2 мин. чтения
Sunday, January 10
IT WAS A TYPICAL SUNDAY morning at our church—except for one thing: two spaces down sat a man I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s not that he hadn’t wanted to worship with our church family, but he’d been incarcerated for seven years. This was his fir
Mornings with Jesus1 мин. чтения
Sunday, January 24
EVER NOTICE JESUS’S HABIT OF overdoing it when it came to meeting people’s needs? He was extravagant. From His first-ever miracle, turning water into wine at a wedding, He made way more than the guests could consume. Then He fed four thousand and fiv
Mornings with Jesus1 мин. чтения
Wednesday, January 27
IT’S EASY TO GO TO work or shop or do other activities and never let anyone know you are a Christian. Usually, folks will think you’re a nice person or a good employee, and you can just peacefully coexist through life that way. But that is not what J