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Southern Cross Travel Insurance recently revealed the most expensive countries for medical-related claims. The USA, Canada, and Peru take the top three spots for the highest

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Feel-good Follows
If you haven’t already heard of the hilarious Celeste, do yourself a favour and hit follow. The comedian  (renowned for raising $51 million for the 2019-2020 Aussie bushfires) posts comparison pics and videos imitating favourite celebs that’s sure to
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Madonna’s $500k New Face!
Topless, with just her long hair covering her breasts, Madonna had the whole world talking when she posted a racy Instagram snap on April 2 – yet it was the 62-year-old singer’s wrinkle-free, poreless, ageless face that had many questions being asked
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Philip The Patriarch
Early in their marriage, the then Princess Elizabeth pointedly took a sharp intake of breath as her husband drove through country lanes, with his uncle, Louis Mountbatten, in the back of the car. “Look, if you do that once more I will put you out of