Surviving in a Cyber Hacker’s Universe

Humankind’s dependency on technology pervades our lives. In the cracks between man and machine, hackers ply their trade. Motivated by both politics and profit, they affect the building blocks of our survival. Tim Maurer pens a ministerial text steeped in the academic study of statecraft in a world of state and non-state cyber actors. He paints a post-graduate level tapestry of diplomacy, manipulation, coercion, culture, economics, agency theory, uncertainty theory, terrorism

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Jack Of All Trades
In my job as a firefighter and rescue technician, there are times when I need to venture off the beaten path to suppress forest fires or rescue injured hikers. While my crew and I can certainly hike, carrying loads of 50 pounds, it’s faster, safer, a
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Bug-out Blaster
Violence is never something we relish, but it’s certainly something we prepare for. When the time comes to defend yourself with lethal force, it should be immediate and overwhelming until the instant the threat has ceased — a “light switch” moment, a
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Chumming The Waters
I don’t know if any of us have been more ready for a year to be over than we are now. Unfortunately, all signs seem to indicate that the ripple effects of 2020’s various crises will spill over into at least the first quarter of next year. As I’ve sai