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1 Blink slowly

hen your cat performs a series of long, slow blinks, this is actually a sign that your cat is happy

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How It Works1 мин. чтения
You’re in good company if you’ve ever dreamed of stumbling upon a dinosaur skeleton, or of breaking open a rock to discover an impression of past life, hidden for millions of years. But there are only a handful of locations in the world where that fa
How It Works1 мин. чтенияScience
Find Your Own Fossil
Anyone can find a fossil, but to increase your chances you need to know what you’re looking for. Many beaches are embellished with ancient marine life forms, but to seek out dinosaur bones you’ll need more luck and patience alongside your knowledge.
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Brain Dump
■ The Sun won’t explode when it eventually dies – that’s not the fate of the G-class yellow dwarf star at the centre of our Solar System. Between 5 and 7 billion years from now, the Sun will use up all its nuclear fuel and will swell to become a red