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Tightening internet security in 2020

looks like there are some big changes afoot for the internet in 2020, most of which will be welcome to anyone concerned about their online security and privacy. First of all, LibreDNS ( ) has now launched, offering “a public encrypted

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You Need
A breadboard LED 330 Ohm resistor (orange-orange-brown-gold) Two male-to-female jumper wires Adafruit MPR121 capacitive touch sensor ( Four female-to-female jumper wires Two crocodile clips Two pieces of fruit StemmaQT t
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Get Into Gentoo
Q he builders of the Gentoo distribution were clearly keen to save on computer resources. In this respect they’ve succeeded brilliantly, although beginners are left out in the cold. But then again, how many people new to computing possess the technic
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Historical Mapping
Our subject here might be digital mapping, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate something of our mapping heritage. The story of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his part in the Jacobite Rising of 1745 is well known among historians. What’s less we