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IT TURNS OUT that your ex was right all along: you do need to get out more. A study suggests that spending two hours per week in nature is a prerequisite for optimal health. Sifting through the data, the researchers found that those who regularly spent time in parks, in forests or on the beach were significantly more likely to report good health and life satisfaction, whether they were exercising or simply enjoying a peaceful respite from the city.

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True Confessions Of A Habitual Dieter
I COULD SAY that the reason I wanted to lose weight was so that I would have more time on this planet with my wife and kids. And sure, those were huge motivating factors for me, but really it came down to the small things. Like having to carry a wash
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Build Any Body You Want IN 20 MINUTES A DAY
WANT A SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION? “Strength endurance is an effort of sub-maximal contraction, limited to a muscle’s ability to continue contracting over time,” says Michael Blevins of fitness think tank NonProphet. In other words, it’s “the ability to
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Work Less & Do More
Start the morning by picking the most important job you can do today. Build your schedule around that. Some days, it might be a work task; on others, it might be a family issue. Beware of non-essential tasks in which you sink too much time. There are