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When I was a young man fresh out of school, I wanted to steer clear of working in a typical nine to five job. I thought I would be better suited spending my life in the countryside.

Having a hands-on job, which is more considered as a lifestyle rather than work, seemed far more appealing after spending much of my previous years cooped up in a classroom. I had always had a love for shooting and

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Adventures of Nick & Ted
Age 58 months I have tried to stay upbeat during this difficult year but the latter part of the autumn has been quite testing. I am grateful that I live in a nice part of the country and I have the dogs to train. On a positive note, the rest Ted had
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On The Scrapheap
Ever since an antique revolver was recovered from the crime scene of the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013, and the high profile arrest and sentencing of antique arms dealer Paul Edmunds three years ago, collectors of obsolete calibre central fir
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Eye Contact
Developing good eye contact is a vital part of a gundog’s training, and I have found the place board really helps to focus the dog and develop this behaviour. Once the puppy is sitting confidently on the board, hold your hand (with a treat or ball) a