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eed somewhere to hang your tea towels or dish cloths within easy reach? Or a way to keep your fave pieces of jewellery to hand at your dressing table? 3M’s Command range of handy decorative hooks are just the thing to solve a tricky hanging

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To make it easier, paint the entire wall in a pale base colour first. Starting at the left of the wall and working your way towards the right, measure along the bottom edge of your wall the width of one stripe and mark with a small pencil dot, contin
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Where To Buy Lucy’s Style
EBAY A brilliant marketplace where you can pick up all sorts of vintage bits and pieces. SWOON Great for those big ticket investment buys. BAILEYS HOME A real treasure chest of a store with everything from recycled tin and glassware to reclaimed li
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Colour Blocking
Use the colour wheel. Shades that sit diagonally on the wheel combine for a bold contrast, colours that sit next to each other still have impact but work as a softer combination. Use paint charts to help you pair colours that are of a similar depth,