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News or Not?

Online media literacy—the ability to distinguish accurate from inaccurate information on the Internet—is a highly fraught and complex topic. Preventing the propagation of outright lies may be a broadly agreed-upon goal, but who decides whatas the hoax and scam sites that abound on today’s Internet.

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The Poet Who Painted
“MY LIFE IS A TANGO, my heart a Grand Guignol,” declared Max Jacob in his poem “Romantic Allusions to Mardi-Gras.” He could have listed many other such contradictions. Born in Brittany in 1876 to a secular Jewish shopkeeping family, Jacob was a conve
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A Mind on Fire
HENRY DAVID THOREAU liked to compare himself to a rooster whose crowing wakes his neighbors, calling them back from sleep to an awareness of the present. “We cannot afford not to live in the present. He is blessed over all mortals who loses no moment
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The Professor’s Wife
I met her on a bus riding down a narrow winding road somewhere in Italy, I think between Sorrento and Naples, or perhaps between Amalfi and Sorrento. I had slept badly the night before, and the morning was foggy and cool. It was a small bus, and its