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“The best way for me to network at conferences is to be a speaker. Speaking is such an abstract experience that it’s devoid of much of the anxiety-producing social baggage of meeting people and having to engage one-on-one. It

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Five ‘Terrible’ ya Tropes
AS preparation for writing yet another YA book of my own, I’ve been power-reading a lot of YA novels recently, and from that, three ideas have sprung to life. (1) YA writers love tropes. (2) YA writers super-duper love tropes. (3) Chupacabras are rea
The Writer3 мин. чтения
Post Haste
Making friends as an adult is hard. Making friends as an adult during a worldwide pandemic is even harder. As a result, some writers are starting to build relationships a la famous authors of yore – Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen – by writing old-fashi
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Panic Reins
Logic, in my experience, is one of the first things to succumb to a crisis. When I got walloped by the Great Recession in summer 2008, I had been freelancing regularly since spring 2006 and had made the jump to full time three months before the econo