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The Event Mane
Truth be told, hair is dead. All that talk about bringing locks to life is, frankly, only factually accurate if you’re referencing the root of the follicle – the bit where the hair bulb spouts those pretty strands of protein that we fuss over so much
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Bakers’ Delight
To clean the glass oven door, mix ½ cup bicarb soda into a sloppy paste with ¼ cup water and 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid. Spread thickly over the glass and leave for several hours. Scrape off residue with a blunt knife, then wipe off with a damp
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Bangs For Your Buck
“2020 has shown people it’s okay to just let your hair be,” says Emily Olsson, KMS Guest Artist at Shibui in Melbourne, who tips soft pixie cuts and curtain bangs as the hottest trends for 2021. “Curtain fringes suit any length, whether it’s a bob or