n a way, fragrance and jewellery both play a contradictory role, designed as they are to elevate the personality of the wearer, yet also to become an almost imperceptible element of their character. ‘Jewellery has to be almost invisible, yet have real strength,’ says Byredo founder Ben Gorham, who was struck by this dichotomy a year ago, when he asked the

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A founding member of the Futurist movement, Giacomo Balla declared in a 1915 manifesto that he would ‘find abstract equivalents for every form and element in the universe’ to make it more joyful. His 1917 sketch for this colourful room divider had re
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Use Of Material
In a quest to manufacture better, the design world is channelling its efforts into material research, pushing toward a more circular way of producing furniture. Our favourite examples include &New’s bench, made from recycled landfill waste, Konstanti
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Burger Bar
In May last year, as Denmark was emerging from its first lockdown, chef Rene Redzepi announced the arrival of the Noma burger on his Instagram with an image of a beef patty and bun. ‘Before we reopen Noma as we know it, we will transform into a no-re