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Is This the Future of Mental Health?

You’re rushing to the bus stop, aware the 442 you’re catching is due to arrive ... oh, a minute ago. You had a shitty night’s sleep and left your toast in the kitchen. You’re mentally running on empty, but barely realise as you squeeze onto the next bus and go over your to-do list. Then the watch on your wrist pipes up, like a well-timed call from a friend, telling you to look after yourself. It sounds

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Run This Way
Q: HOW CAN I CHECK IF I’M HYDRATING PROPERLY? ANSWER: If your pee is pale yellow or clear, you’re doing well, says performance dietitian Jessica Spendlove. “You can also monitor how much water you lose by weighing yourself before and after a run. T
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Lead the Way
Want to spread the eco-friendly word? Rather than preach, show friends and family that helping the planet isn’t about transforming your life in a day, but about making small changes that all add up. It could be as simple as gifting a mate a reusable
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Can You Not?
If you know it’s in a person’s nature to complain just ’cos, set boundaries, says Orloff, who suggests saying outright you only have a few minutes to talk or text if you know she’s a downer. If you’re in person, empathise, then make a gracious exit.