World War II


HEN A BASTILLE DAY RAID over occupied France went terribly wrong, the men of the 94th Bomb Group found themselves stranded in enemy territory. Equipped with silk maps of France, a few tools, tattered clothes, and quick wits, they faced an uncertain future. Stephen Harding’s a real-life crash course in near-misses, wartime

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Web Of Spies
THE NAZI SPY RING IN AMERICA, a new book by intelligence scholar Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones, has all the trappings of an irresistible novel: foreign secret agents, self-dealing G-Men, and nosy reporters. But the tale he tells of a little-known 1930s espio
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Negative Consequences
Curators at The National World War II Museum solve readers’ artifact mysteries While going through my father’s wartime memorabilia, I happened upon a notebook in which he explains that original negatives of images a U.S. Navy photographer took of the
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A Guide To The End
A LITTLE OVER A YEAR AGO, I was in Sicily on one of my numerous trips to the island—part of my research for a narrative history of the Allied campaign there that I was writing. There were some places I hadn’t seen before that I wanted to check out, n