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The time has come.

Your manuscript has been languishing in a subfolder on your computer or gathering dust in the bottom drawer in your desk.

Now, at last, life has afforded you the opportunity to get back to it and you’re ready to finally dive back in.

But where do you start? At the point where you left off? Research? Reviewing your outline? Revising previous scenes? How do you get back into the spirit of the project?

Whether it’s been a few days or a few months—or even years—since you worked on your manuscript, finding your momentum again and getting back into the story with the right pace, flow, and mood from where you left off at your last writing session can be a daunting challenge.

Well, you’re not alone. Every writer faces this task when she picks up her manuscript again.

Here are seven keys to get yourself moving in the right direction.


When you’re in the heat of the moment writing your story, it’s easy to lose perspective, to think that your work is the most thrilling or

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