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Where: Waiotemarama Loop Track is one of the many gems in beautiful Northland. This walk is just off State Highway 12, near Opononi located on the south shore of the stunning Hokianga Harbour.

Distance: This track is a short and sweet 2.5km but if you are feeling fit, you can add on the 6.5km Hauturu Track, which is steep and is a demanding climb.

Waiotemarama Loop Track is an easy to moderate run, however if

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Trail Run
GUEST EDITOR: Lauren Shay DESIGN: Jess van de Vlierd CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Lauren Shay, Nicki Letts, Kirra Balmanno, Rowan Brookes, Karl Forcey, David Lipman, Brad Dixon, Nick Muxlow. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dale Travers, Lukas Dürnegger, Mat Vaughan, Lucy Cl
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A few weeks after finishing her record-breaking run of the Te Araroa (TA) in January, Lucy Clark could barely run 5km without her legs screaming to stop – not because she was injured, but because her body had nothing more to give after her record 66-