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About the author… H.G. Parry

She lives in Wellington and teaches English literature, film and media studies. The H.G. stands for Hannah Gabrielle. She has written lots of short

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Lucy On Coro Gossip
• “My first scene on Coro was terrifying. It was with Sue Nicholls (Audrey) and Samia Ghadie (Maria) in the salon, and I had a line where I had to say, ‘Anna Karenina’ and I said, ‘Anna Kara-nina’ or something and I was so embarrassed I couldn’t let
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HEAVY Hearts
In a lot of cases, deaths due to cardiovascular disease could have been averted by following a few heart-friendly guidelines. Take a look! Here’s a scary piece of information – every 90 minutes, a New Zealander dies from heart disease, making it t
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly1 мин. чтения
Your Weddings
The suggestion of a walk around Red Rocks Reserve was just the beginning of Hayden’s romantic plan to ask Qariah to marry him in 2018. “At the highest point of the hill Hayden said some beautiful words and then asked me to marry him as he pulled out