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E-CARS AND THE NECESSITY TO FACE Diversified Transportation Technologies

Customers craved for diversification, and the same is likely to hold true in the replacement of the combustion engine. Boris Liedtke looks at the future of our transportation system and argues that given our personal desire for individual solutions, the outcome is predestined to require us all to develop and accept the need for diversified transportation technologies.

After the incredible success of the combustion engine and its conquest of our way of life throughout the twentieth century, the technology has come under severe scrutiny as we enter the next millennium. During this unprecedented development, cities have been transformed from almost isolated islands of civilisation in a sea of natural wilderness to well oiled cogs in an ever more connected world. Asphalt roads cover not only endless amount of living space to attempt to smoothen our daily commutes by privately owned cars but also connect virtually every megacity, city, town, village or isolated dwelling in the civilised world. Nowadays in the U.S.A., over 86% of transportation is accounted for by passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks. The success of the combustion engine has made modern civilisation

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