This year, Xean Peake landed their first film role in The Confirmation, a short Danish film following the life of a transgender teen, Mathias. In the film, which is under Oscar consideration for Best Live Action Short Film, Mathias struggles with his transition in a country that doesn’t allow people to legally change their gender, or have confirmation surgery until they are 18.

Mathias also has to deal with the social

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Pride with Purpose
With vaccines rolled-out and restrictions lifted in wealthier nations, many of us are looking forward to a more social summer. Pride events are set to take place throughout the US and Western Europe. But as we celebrate, several countries are facing
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JGrrey is an industry powerhouse in the making, but she didn’t always want to be an artist. In fact, it took some convincing. “I have always been impressed by music, but I never really directly associated myself with it. It didn’t seem like something
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“The amount of time it’s taken me to get into this interview and my phone is still playing up!” It’s 2021, so VINCINT having an absolute nightmare with his Zoom connection is an experience many of us can relate to by now. But hopefully this socially