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Temporary architecture has long been an opportunity to experiment with ideas, respond quickly to change and draw attention to cultural issues. While many temporary architectural structures require a significant amount of materials and energy despite their small size or ephemeral use, Plastique Fantastique’s inflatable

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What I Like About You
When visiting the studio of Jon Linkins, I was shown a suite of black and white photographs that Jon had just made of an intriguing house in Sunshine Beach. I remember thinking that the homogenous, reticent manner and opacity of its façade was a radi
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Permaculture Tips
Winter is a good time to observe where rainwater lands and sits in and on your landscape, and any opportunities to allow it to filter in, where it can recharge the soil water table and provide deep watering to your trees. Rather than let your rainwat
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Designed by Helen Kontouris, the “Bauhaus Seating System” imagines the defining shapes of the iconic movement as a flexible furniture collection. Interchangeable formations are encouraged and pieces are available in a range of colours and textures. s