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Oma was the word on everyone’s lips in the month of March, especially those residing near the shores of South East Queensland and northern New South Wales. In case you’ve been living under a rock and just came up for air, Oma was the name bestowed upon the first east coast cyclone to lash the Aussie shoreline in 2019.

The forecasts started early. Damn those pesky long-range views that whip everyone up into a frenzy. Virtually every website and app had a different track forecast for the menacing low pressure, and it changed direction so many times that it just added to my pre-swell anxiety. No one knew for sure how big, when it was meant to arrive, or how strong the winds would get. But one thing was certain, there were going to be waves. The trick was figuring out when, where and how.

My FOMO started to brew.

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