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WHAT’S IN your stars FOR 2020?



In 2020, Saturn, the planet of boundaries and restriction, is conjunct powerful Pluto, which represents transformation and change. You may find that the rules for lifestyle, work or health start shifting. This can mean stress and discomfort, because change is difficult for you. You may even find yourself feeling persecuted, victimised or pessimistic. Rethink your approach. Take advantage of opportunities to change and achieve goals. Remember that blood pools in your lower legs when you sit too long, so take regular breaks or you could have problems with swollen calves and ankles. Leave your computer for a while. You need fresh air. Make a point of going outside and breathing deeply. When stressed, we can forget to breathe properly. Yoga and forms of meditation that use breathing techniques can help. Eat foods that support your nervous system, such as fish, leafy greens, eggs and nuts. You may have to step up your exercise routine. Find or start a walking group. Fly a kite. Play volleyball. If you are feeling adventurous, try parachuting, rock-climbing or pole-vaulting. Change can be a positive thing. Saturn, the ruler of your sign, is right at home for most of this year, but you may experience some challenges or difficulties from around the middle of May through September.



Boundaries could be an issue, because you are so kind and approachable. Others may take advantage of you, so watch out

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