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How it started

Political decisions often have farreaching effects.

When American president George Bush decided to invade Iraq in 2004, it set off a

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How Yağmur Makes A Leather Belt
• Cut a straight edge with a ruler and craft knife.• Use a slitting tool to produce the belt blank, using the cut edge as a guide.• Thin a short length of one end of the blank by pulling that end through the leather splitting machine.• Groove two sec
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Magic Radio Part 2
In the first part of this vintage upcycling project in Issue No. 92 of The Shed, I anticipated that it would become quite a complex project. For that reason I have divided it into several articles, to make it easier to build and understand. In part o
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From Russia With Love
I have been repairing a fertilizer spreader for a mate for some time now — good things take time. After much procrastination — if that was a sport, I could represent New Zealand — I was preparing to tackle cutting a circle from some stainless sheet I