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ow much does mileage weigh in on a car purchase for you? For most, it’s a big driving factor as to whether or not that cold hard cash will be handed over. There are those that simply won’t even touch anything considered to have high-kilometres, regardless of the condition it may be in. Many still use the benchmark of any

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NZ Performance Car2 мин. чтенияAutomotive
The Evolution Of Japanese Cars Exhibit Arrives At Bill Richardson Transport World
A new exhibit at Invercargill’s Bill Richardson Transport World showcases iconic vehicles built at the height of the Japanese automotive industry’s entry onto the world stage in a starring role. The Evolution of Japanese Cars showcases the best of th
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Product Review
Forget workarounds. Tuning masterminds working with pro racers want the most advanced and programmable engine control system, and this is it. The MaxxECU PRO can access just about any information, allowing engine controls to be tuned to perfection. C
NZ Performance Car1 мин. чтенияAutomotive
Toyota Dropping Bombs!
Hot-hatch enthusiasts, eat your hearts out! Toyota is back in the game, with the all-new GR Yaris (GR-Four), an all-wheel drive, threecylinder, turbocharged, two-door weapon that is backward engineering from a World Rally Championship rally car. Pack