New Zealand is a nation of immigrants – from Kupe who arrived here more than 1000 years ago, to those whose ancestors made the arduous journey from the ‘old country’, along with more recent arrivals from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Some move here for love, some for better lives for themselves and their children, while others come for the opportunities that might not be so readily available in the countries they left behind. But moving across the world doesn’t have to mean forgetting your culture or your background: many new New Zealanders find a way to bring a bit of their old country to their adopted one, whether it’s in food, fashion or the arts. NEXT spoke to three Kiwi women making a living by incorporating their heritage into their work.


By bringing a taste of home to New Zealand through her bakery, The Baked Dane, Lisa is able to share her culture with Kiwis while maintaining a strong connection to her Danish upbringing

Lisa Brink is tired. The kind of

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