Making time TO MOVE

The Ministry of Health recommends five hours of moderate exercise per week to see real health benefits, and while some of us might already be disciplined about hitting that target, the statistics show that most of us struggle to get anywhere close. Renee Norman and Jenna Smith from women’s wellness and fitness website, Real Health NZ hold qualifications in sports science, personal training and health coaching, and through their business have helped hundreds of Kiwi women improve their exercise habits. We asked them about what works and what doesn’t.

Okay, so we’ve set the intention

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Bohemianism, I realise, is a bit like acne. You can cover it up, you can hide it completely for a time – but sooner or later it just breaks through. Tonight, my bohemian tendencies are stirring under my currently conventional existence. Friday evenin
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New research indicates there is a gut-brain connection in the development of Parkinson’s disease. By studying roundworms that had been genetically engineered to produce alphasynuclein, a protein that is linked to the development of Parkinson’s, resea
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The 10 New Trends To Love
This will highlight an hourglass shape or give the illusion of a waist to a more athletic build. It’s all about the texture here. The yarn is light and soft, and the fit is oversized. Bell sleeves, long locks and groovy prints are a mainstay on