The best-selling author of Before I Let You Go has just released her new novel, Truths I Never Told You, about a woman who unravels a family mystery. Rimmer, 39, tells WHO about the book that …

… first

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Finding A Cure
“We were devastated the moment we found out that she may not have many years to live,” says Neeraj. “But my wife was very positive about finding a cure for Trisha and motivated me to get back on my feet and start looking for solutions.” ■
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The mindfulness movement has long since swept the planet. Expansive Jupiter has now moved into your 12th house, meaning you can go deeper into a spiritual practice such as mindfulness or meditation. Or you can allow all your fears to scare you! (Used
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Her Family Life
Brown says her sons Dylan, 30, Cody, 28, and Duke, 22 (bottom in 2018, and above in 2000), and husband, Steven Plofker (left in 2018), keep her grounded.“There’s no such thing as having it all,”she says of balancing work and family.“It was never easy