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Gardening is very much an activity for those who reside in a city. Indeed, urban gardening is nothing new. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon date to 600 BC, and other urban gardens are known to have existed within the cities of Mesopotamia. Ancient Egypt had urban gardens specializing in fruit and nut trees. In the Western Hemisphere, the Aztecs created complex garden areas within their cities. Much more recently, Victory Gardens played a big part of the stateside war effort in World War II. At their peak, Victory Gardens produced nearly half of the fruit and vegetables raised in

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Winter Checklist
Get organized! With the gardening boom expected to continue into 2021, my goal is to place my seed, plant and bulb orders as early as possible. I’m also inspecting my grow lights, replacing old bulbs and cleaning off any dirt and debris to get ready
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In Plain Sight
During the growing season, it’s easy to know the name of a tree. The clues are familiar, often learned when we were children. It could be the unique shape of a leaf, like the mittens and gloves of the sassafras, or the autumn color of a sugar maple,
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Books To Feed The Imagination
by Julia Kelly This title isn’t a “gardening book,” but it is sure to delight gardeners who enjoy reading fiction. In The Last Garden in England, novelist Julia Kelly tells the stories of women separated by time but connected by one estate garden in