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‘Comparison is the killer of creativity; you have to trust yourself’

The Lot is an independent brand for independent people. ‘I wanted to curate a fashion store that didn’t sell “safe” styles or basics, but offered unique items in small quantities. I studied a business degree at UCT and I deejayed at

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
1 Eat less meat and aim to always buy local 2 Walk or cycle to work, and think twice before you fly 3 Embrace vintage and secondhand fashion and decor 4 Don’t use single-use plastic (for example, straws and disposable coffee cups) 5 Consider clim
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This Sext Has A 99,2% Success Rate
Honestly, sexting is a lot like sex itself. Tons of people do it and would like to think they’re awesome at it, but few actually reach ‘that was so good I’ll remember it when I’m living in a retirement home’ status. To get there, it’s helpful to know
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Eco nuggets Of Knowledge
Wangari Maathai’s autobiography Unbowed – Oladosu Adenike recommends anything written by her. The movie 2040 will be released in South Africa later this year. Directed by an Australian film-maker, it looks at the solutions available to us and what we