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The Elite AT43 is a collaboration between Allan Tongs Boatbuilders on Auckland’s North Shore and established designer Bill Upfold. A couple of years ago, Allan Tongs and his son Nigel decided to explore building a production boat, to provide a more consistent workflow and ensure the longevity of their business. They had built several custom Upfold sedans before, so talked to the designer about drawing up a boat suitable for being built from a mould.

“Nigel and Allan approached me to say why don’t we look at doing a production boat? So we had a think about it and worked out what would be a good size,” Upfold says. “There are so many

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Dumas in New Zealand
For it was 1942 – most of the world was at war. Although Argentina was neutral, a strange craft on the high seas was unlikely to receive any courtesies from any of the belligerents. To keep as far as possible from the conflict, Dumas decided to sail
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Hunt For Adventure She’s named Strannik. It roughly translates to ‘religious pilgrim’ and if you consider wildlife conservation as religion, she’s been putting this creed to the test – from the Russian Far East to the Tropical Pacific – since he
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The Rime’s Storyline
The poem’s narrator is an old sailor (the Ancient Mariner) who accosts a man travelling to a wedding and tells him about his voyage many years ago. A storm drove the ship into Antarctic seas where it became stuck in the ice. Fortunately, an albatross