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Even before your first cry is heard…

Do you find it strange that we are so quick to accept and acknowledge the label or identity that the world wants to bind us to? Bondage, hurt, or lies that we so often see as our portion? Yet we find it so hard to understand the divine process of how you and I were fearfully and wonderfully knitted together in our mothers’ wombs, to the image of the only living God. Vessels, created for His glory, living the Godly purpose that

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Providing Resources for God’s Messengers
In early March 2020, life was still seemingly‘normal’. The coronavirus – which has since sent our world into an 8-month state of lockdown – was only really prevalent in Wuhan. The Blom family – Louis, Thea, and their son Leo – decided to travel to Mo
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God Raised Our Baby Girl Back To Life
My name is Fabian and I am the campus pastor of Planetshakers Cape Town. I am married to Melissa and we have with 4 beautiful children. My eldest son is David, my second eldest is Judah, my baby girl is Faith, and my youngest son is Joseph. This is t
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Speak Up To Protect God’s Precious Animals
My son and I have moved to Het Slot, a game ranch near Steenbokpan, Limpopo. For two more weeks this bushveld adventure will hold us captive and we cannot help but to exclaim that God is good! On arrival I fed a tame nyala and briefly held a little b