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Fair Feathered Friends

Some people raise chickens as a hobby; some raise them for food. Paul Bradshaw raises chickens to champion conservation. Or as he puts it, “to protect poultry genetics as a critical hedge against rapid environmental change.” As a result, his hundred-acre farm in Gadsden County, Florida, thirteen miles from Tallahassee, now hosts the most diverse—possibly the most important—collection of rare chicken genes on God’s green earth. Black-copper Marans, prize-winning French birds that lay dark mahogany eggs, strut around next to Ayam Cemanis, an Indonesian variety with iridescent black feathers and

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Walls of Sound
The first time Luther Dickinson stepped onto the aged plank floor of the Ocean Springs Community Center in coastal Mississippi, he knew. As he walked amid the mural-covered walls, a maelstrom of colors towering twelve feet from floor to ceiling in al
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Hat Tip to Willie Nelson
“The entire album ...And Then I Wrote is one of the finest ever recorded. And not just in country music. Willie changed popular music with his songwriting, and it all started here.” —Charley Crockett “His soothing voice is a natural fit for this lull
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Creative Loafing
“Bread is just flour, water, salt, and some alchemy,” says Susannah Gebhart, founder of Old World Levain Bakery in Asheville. She’s being modest, of course. Transforming a handful of pantry staples into something magical also takes a skilled baker, a