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A lot less rest! I guess that’s self employment though. There’s no one to fall back on except you and your own work ethic.

What is your attitude to tools and equipment? Are you a ‘hand tools only’ maker? Or a whatever it takes

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Australian Wood Review2 мин. чтения
Arbortech Mini Pro Shaping Blade
Arbortech has released another addition to its vast range of powercarving and sanding options that revolutionise wood shaping and sculpting options available via the humble angle grinder. This development takes the currently successful 3" (75mm) Indu
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In 2019 yet another group of 12 people from varied walks of life have experienced a life changing year at Sturt School for Wood. Sturt is one of a handful of schools worldwide which offer a one year fine furniture program. Past graduates have establi
Australian Wood Review2 мин. чтения
Nova Viking DVR 16" Benchtop Drill Press
This new offering from Nova is an amazing machine. Compact and powerful, the direct drive motor means the head unit of this machine lacks the large and cumbersome nature of more traditional units as there are no pulleys or belts. Consequently, this p