Tell us what Creative HQ does?

We work with companies to build innovation frameworks to transform their businesses. We have run over 100 Design Sprints and have developed dedicated sprint types that help companies solve specific innovation challenges. We combine these services into a customised innovation programme to suit our client’s specific needs, based on our expertise as NZ’s most experienced innovation

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What Can These New Zealand Companies’ Mental Health Initiatives Teach Us?
No one is too small to make a difference and it doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in. Start and tailor your workplace mental health support to the make-up of your workforce. Link into local networks, e.g. other organisations who are further ah
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White Mirror
Episode One: Counterculture White Mirror is a series that considers the positive human impact that can be achieved with the help of machines. In this first episode, you follow the life of open source cult leader Richard D. Bartlett (right) and learn
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1 A Day in the Life: Air New Zealand’s Jodie King 2 I hired the guy who brought a clown as a support person to a redundancy meeting. Here’s why. 3 Here’s the wellbeing policies some of New Zealand’s biggest companies are championing in 2019 4 The Ide