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Worth the wait

Growing up watching Regina George or Serena van der Woodsen, it totally seemed like errrrryone was hooking up on the reg. Like EVERYONE! And while there’s nothing wrong with this, it can make you feel a little on the outer if you’re not in the same sitch. But according to a new study about teens, a large portion of Gen Z is actually waiting longer

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Periods By Numbers
1-2 shot glasses worth of blood can be lost during your P-time 400 visits from Aunt Flo in your life 18 tampons in a box, as that’s the average used in a cycle 5000 words for period around the world! 15,000 period products used in your lifetime ■
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Would YOU rather?
1 Have One Direction back together forever OR spend a day hanging out with your favourite member? 2 Have the ability to fly OR be invisible? 3 Guest star in Katy Keene OR The Bold Type? 4 Double date with Zayn and Gigi Hadid OR The Weeknd and B
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Break The Comparison Cycle
It’s tempting, right? Within a matter of minutes, we can scroll Insta or TikTok and find someone with fire style, a killer bod and the glossiest hair this side of Hollywood, who even manages to balance it with a side hustle and a hot AF boyfriend. Aa