How to Ruin Your Next National Sales Meeting

Awards are extremely important because sales people enjoy the acclaim and the public identification as a role model with their peers. Therefore, compliments to individual sales people should be given out continuously throughout the sales kick-off and awards should always be done in full view of the entire organisation.

The only time during the entire

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Strategy Drivers
PRODUCT FOUNDATION: Products and services to be sold by the company must deliver value for customers at the right price. PRODUCTIVITY FOUNDATION: Time is a valuable resource. Ensure the Sales Organisation spends maximum time on leading activities. L
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Blending Execution with Strategy
It’s no coincidence that growth executives in the top 22% of companies make their number consistently and predictably. They accomplish this by working on strategy and execution in unison. CEOs who overweight strategy to the expense of execution and f
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Building Trust In A Trustless World
1. How to take advantage of key technological and social trends affecting the sales industry 2. Learn techniques to re-build human trust in the age of technology 3. Hear case-studies of strategies top companies around the world use to build real conn