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For years, China topped the world’s worst environmental rankings, but it is now leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable future

In the winter of 2013, most of northern and eastern China was blanketed in a deadly smog, with Beijing’s Air Quality Index (AQI) reaching as high as 993 in mid-January of that year. New York around the same time had an AQI of 19. Slow moving air streams carrying toxic industrial discharge blackened landscapes and choked residents in the biggest cities. It was a pollution event so bad that it was dubbed the “Airpocalypse.”

Since then, China’s leaders have been on a cleanup mission, introducing initiatives to improve air, soil and water quality, incentivizing the use of green technology, investing heavily in renewable energy and introducing green financial systems such as the world’s largest carbon trading scheme. In terms of air pollution in particular, the effect has been remarkable. The skies cities like Beijing and Hangzhou have shed much of their grayscale.

As the United States under President Trump seems to retreat from the global climate battle, China’s leader Xi Jinping has instead doubled down on China’s commitment to the Paris Agreement emission targets. Xi promised, in a joint statement with France

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